Friday, January 18, 2013

Minifigure Museum: Graduate (Series 5)

As a college professor, the graduate minifigure from LEGO Minifigure Series #5 is one of my favorite figures of all time!  
Graduate:  LEGO Series 5 Minifigure

In fact, each time I look at the graduate's big 'ol smile, I can't help but be reminded of the importance of my job.  Now that's a powerful figure!

Based on the brochure that comes with all Series 5 minifigures, the graduate is one of about six or seven figures (out of 16) that I would say could be used in a typical LEGO City set-up.  It is probably the only figure that would be used on top of a cake for a celebration (such as, you guessed it:  a graduation)!

The graduate comes with three accessories:  a cloth robe, a mortarboard hat with tassle, and a diploma.

The figure itself comes with plain grey pants (no printing), and a top with a sweater and tie printing near the neck.  There is no printing on the arms or back of the figure.

The graduate has only one face - and it's a gigantic beaming smile!

Overall, this is a neat little figure that can be used for a lot of things outside the LEGO world.  Specifically, elementary, middle, and high school graduations - or for a college graduate who used to play with LEGO as a youngster.


  1. I love the poses you put the mini's in. Snowboarder in actual snow, graduate in front of math books. Hey I should be getting out your trade package this afternoon as long as the post office cooperates. I threw in some extra goodies for ya.

  2. Thanks for the kind words (and trade package). Your package went out the other day (Thursday if memory serves).