Thursday, January 10, 2013

Minifigure Museum: Snowboarder (Series 5)

LEGO Series 5 - The Snowboarder Minifigure

Like the rest of the LEGO minifigure series, Series 5 contains 16 different figures from a variety of occupations and time periods.

One of my favorite figures from Series 5 is the snowboarder (number 16 in the set).

The snowboarder comes with a snowboard (as he should) which is nicely detailed.  The mountain image plus the circles make the board look fairly legitimate - and the 48mm measurement is the icing on the cake.

The figure also comes with a blue knitted cap and a face with goggles.  The front of his body contains a dark blue jacket printing (and he has gray hands which represent gloves).  Unfortunately, his pants are plain grey with no printing of any type.

The back of the body is also plain (both top and bottom).  

Even so, a snowboarder doesn't need a lot of extra printing to look the part - and this little guy certainly looks the part!

Heck, he can try his luck in real snow!

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