Thursday, January 24, 2013

Minifigure Museum: Tennis Player (Series 7)

Tennis Player:  LEGO Series 7 Minifigure

Before I decided I try and collect every single LEGO minifigure (from all the various series), I chased after minifigures that had some sort of special value to me.  I live in a college town that up until a few years ago had a great bunch of tennis courts.  For years, my wife (at the time girlfriend) and I used to play tennis together in the early evenings (the courts even had lights to use).  Unfortunately, the college decided to destroy all of the tennis courts and stick a behemoth dormitory in their place - but my love of tennis remains strong despite not having a place to play anymore.
So when I saw that there was a LEGO tennis guy, well, you better believe I had to have it!

Besides the tennis guy, Series 7 had quite a few other minifigures that I really liked.  So many, in fact, that Series 7 was the first of the LEGO minifigure series that I managed to complete!

As for the tennis player, he's a great representation of someone like John McEnroe.  I love the detailing of the tennis racquet (you can actually see through the strings).  The figure is dressed up in a white tennis outfit, complete with printing on both upper and lower body.  There is no printing on the back or sides (except for the yellow stripe on the pants which extends to both sides).

The head is made complete by the crazy hair - it definitely reminds you of a typical tennis player!

Despite all of the above touches, the best touch is the head.  The headband goes great with the hair and the half-smile, half-grimace is a perfect expression for anyone who has ever played a game or two of tennis!

Game, Set, Match!

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