Thursday, January 31, 2013

Minifigure Museum: Zookeeper (Series 5)

Zookeeper:  LEGO Series 5 Minifigure

The Zookeeper is a Series 5 minifigure that comes complete with a monkey and a banana to feed the monkey.

The Zookeeper is #7 in the Series 5 set.  Based on eBay sales that I've seen and/or been a part of, the zookeeper isn't the most highly desired of figures but even the "lesser" figures are still usually pretty nice in the LEGO minifigure series (something that certainly holds true for the zookeeper).

The figure itself is a female with a nicely designed zookeeper outfit.  In fact, it even says "zoo" above her right pocket (a nice touch that I didn't even notice until I started writing this review).  I also like the little key that's printed on the Zookeeper's outfit.  There is no back printing though.

As I mentioned above, the figure comes with two accessories (a monkey and a banana).  If I were a younger collector and still playing with LEGO like I did as a kid, I'm betting the monkey and banana would both find a home on one of my old pirate ships.  The banana would also be useful in a City landscape if you made a grocery store or outdoor market.

All told, the figure is actually fairly nice (even if it is one of my least favorite from Series 5).  I will say this, it's definitely not the worst figure in the series...and the accessories are probably as useful (or more useful) than those that come with any other figure in the series.

I've been making a habit of including at least one photo per Minifigure Museum post with some sort of prop in the background.  Since I don't own a monkey (or a zoo), I went with the next logical choice - a bunch of bananas!

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