Monday, January 21, 2013

My First Experience with BrickLink

Awhile back, I put an impulse bid on an eBay auction that claimed to have a bunch of minifigures plus two Space Police vehicles (without directions).  The auction owner claimed that he/she "thought" the two models were complete but there were no promises.

As you can guess from the blog title, the sets were not complete - but as a fun little bonus, there were actually THREE Space Police sets included.

I plan to build the three sets and show them off on the blog at some point in the future - but before I can do that, I had to place an order through BrickLink in order to acquire the few missing pieces that I needed.  

I must say, the website is a bit of a pain to use in that I couldn't figure out how to search for sellers that had all the pieces in my want list.  I had to resort to choosing the piece that was in stock by the fewest sellers and then narrow my search from there.  It wasn't fun - but I was able to locate one seller who had every piece I needed with a relatively low shipping price of $2.50.  Since I was busy ordering pieces, I also ordered one of the minifigures that I needed that the same seller was selling (the Rocker Girl).

As a tease, here are the pieces that I had to order* in order to complete the sets.  Can you guess which set(s) I got off eBay?
*note:  I didn't need the second tile with one bump - it was a mistake (on my end) in the order.  Oh well, now I have an extra.

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  1. I got the Rocker Girl on my two last packs I bought. I re-discovered the 3 figures I got for series 1. Right now I have 4 of series 8. The between is a hugeeee gap.

    That Space Police really seems like an old LEGO figure from early '90s. I think I have some of those.