Sunday, February 3, 2013

Minifigure Museum: Football Player (Series 8)

Football Player:  LEGO Series 8 Minifigure

The football player is a Series 8 minifigure that comes with a trophy, helmet, and shoulder pads.

The football player is #5 in the set.  In an unusual move, LEGO also included a cheerleader in the same series (a figure that would go well with the football player) except for the fact that the cheerleader's colors are red and white.  It would have been a much more harmonious pairing if LEGO had made the cheerleader blue and white as well.

Looking at the football player on its own merits though and it's a rather nice figure.  The shoulder pads are pretty much perfect (and the number is printed on both the front and back of the pads).  The knee pads are a nice touch as well.

Unfortunately, once the football player is stripped of his shoulder pads, there's not much left.

The torso is completely bare!  However, both the helmet (with protective face shield) and the trophy are nice.  In fact, the handles of the trophy are made in such a way that the figure can clutch both sides with his hands (something that I was happy to see).

Overall, I like the football player but I don't love him.  I would have preferred to see him come with a LEGO football (although I suppose the trophy has more uses outside the realm of minifigures).  For me, the highlight of the figure is the wonderful helmet and the shoulder pads - and I suppose the figure's eye black on his face!

Now if only LEGO would make a red team for the blue team to play against!

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