Friday, March 1, 2013

LEGO 1969: Bot Assistant - REVIEW

LEGO has produced three different iterations of the Space Police set.  The Bot Assistant set is the fourth smallest such set (in terms of number of pieces) from the second iteration of the Space Police line.  The set contains a mere 31 pieces and includes a single figure.  According to the LEGO wiki, the Bot Assistant set (also known as 1969 Mini Robot and 1969 Mobile Security Robot) "is a Space Police II set released as part of a Bonus Pack in 1993. It includes a wheeled robot and a Space Police II Officer."

It's hard to imagine that the Bot Assistant set comes with eight more pieces than the Galactic Chief set, but it's true!

Beginning with a look at the figure, it's a basic Space Police officer.  The figure does have a more interesting face than most figures of the time (printed speaker piece for instance).  The figure comes complete with a walkie-talkie and an air pack.

The bot assistant is kind of cool in its own right.  The model doesn't have a lot of pieces but it does manage to evoke a certain "spacey" vibe that I like quite a bit.

The "arms" of the bot come equipped with the fork like pieces but you could modify the bot in such a way to have it hold a welder, a stun gun, or even some handcuffs (if you used new pieces like those from the Series 9 minifigures).

The back of the robot leaves a bit to be desired however.  I would have liked to have seen some lights on the robot or else a compartment to hold tools.  Even so, for such a small set there is a lot of fun ideas possible.  It's certainly a much more playable set than the Galactic Chief set from the same Space Police series.

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  8
Play Value:  8
Kid Value:  8
Adult Value:  1
Overall:  6

For the most part, I think this would be a great little set for kids to play with.  Robots are cool and offer plenty of possibilities!  Unfortunately, the set doesn't hold up as an adult collector's set.  There's not much unique (or even all that interesting) about the pieces or the way the robot is built.  That hurts the overall score a bit, but not too much.

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  1. Hehe small is beautiful ! My favorite iteration of Space Police has always been the 2 !