Friday, March 8, 2013

LEGO 60006: Police ATV - REVIEW

The LEGO Police ATV set was released in 2013 with 51 pieces (plus two minifigures).  As you can see from the link to the left, the set can be found for under $10.00 both online and in stores (though if you decide to order it I'd appreciate you clicking through the link to the left to help support my LEGO fix)!

As for the set itself, besides the two figures (one cop and one robber), you also get a wheelbarrow and a police ATV.  Enough chatter though, let's open up the box and build the set!

The set comes in a box rather than a polybag, probably because you get two minifigures so LEGO wanted it to "feel" more like a real set.
Opening up the box, we find two plastic bags plus a 17 page instruction manual.

I was surprised by the length of manual given the fact that there are only 51 pieces in the set.  Once the two plastic bags are opened, you can probably almost figure out the assembly without any help via the instructions!

Nevertheless, I'll follow the instructions.  First up, the minifigures.

The minifigures are both quite nice!  Both figures have nice printing on front and back - the police officer's back says "police" which I like.  The robber's reverse side has a couple of keys attached to the rope that you can also see on the front of the thief.  I like the robber's beanie hat as well.  Unfortunately, the police man has what appears to be a black ball cap, I would have preferred it be dark blue (to match his vehicle).

Moving on to the next page of the instruction manual - the wheelbarrow assembly.

You actually have to assemble the wheel - though you do get an extra tire in the set which is nice (I would have rather have gotten an extra "wheel" bit though because if anything might break it'd be the small plastic pins that hold the tire to the wheelbarrow.

I do like the fact that you get four gems.  It's the perfect amount to use for a good cops-n-robbers scene!  The wheelbarrow is designed perfectly so that the robber can have a hand on each handlebar - another small detail that I appreciate!

Finally, we get to the main part of the set - the police ATV.

Partway through the build...

I really like the dark blue pieces, certainly the perfect shade for a police vehicle.  I also like the 1x2 brick in the front with the double hooks.  I would have loved to have had pieces like that back when I was playing with LEGO sets all the time!

The completed vehicle:

Not too shabby!  I would have liked a piece that said "Police" for the front (where the white sloped piece is now), even if that had to be a cursed sticker.  Even so, it's still a nice little model (and the tires are soft robber - perfect for an ATV-type vehicle).

Besides the extra wheelbarrow tire which I mentioned previously, you also get a pair of extra lights (one flat blue light and one flat yellow light).  The best extra?  An extra pair of handcuffs - something that any City collector will appreciate!  You can even use the extra lights as addition "gems" for the robber to steal since the colors match the two gem colors.

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  7
Play Value:  9
Kid Value:  9
Adult Value:  5
Overall:  8

It's hard to go wrong with a cops and robbers set for kids.  The gems make for a fun addition, something for the crook to steal by using the included red crowbar.  The police ATV is small (which is fine for a small set) but it suffers slightly by not having a dedicated "Police" brick on it.  I lowered the adult score a bit because there isn't much to do with the set besides build a small ATV.  There is, however, a lot of useful pieces for other scenes including the wheelbarrow, gems, and two pairs of handcuffs (you get an extra pair in the box). The two minifigures are top notch which help the overall score quite a bit!  All things considered, the complaints are minor - and for such a small set, you get a fairly good deal - plus a lot of fun for kids in a small box!

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