Wednesday, March 13, 2013

LEGO Series 2 Minifigures: Pack Rip #2

I'm back with limited time...but there's always enough time to rip open another Series 2 Minifigure.

What will I get this time?  Let's find out without wasting any more time!

The Weightlifter.

Uhm, bleh.

As a collector, I'm happy because I needed the weightlifter.  Of course, before I started opening the four packs I didn't have any Series 2 figures so I needed all 16.  That said, the weightlifter is definitely not one of the more interesting figures for me - it probably ranks better than only a few other figures (the fitness instructor comes to mind).

Maybe I just don't like the gym.

Here's my Series 2 collection so far - two more packs to open this week, stay tuned for more!

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