Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LEGO 60007: High Speed Chase - REVIEW

I recently purchased the LEGO set High Speed Chase (set # 60007) because:
1.  It looked cool.
2.  It had a code for the LEGO WiiU game (which I've been playing quite a bit lately).

As a kid, I always had a thing for LEGO Police sets (even though I didn't actually own very many as a youngster).  I guess you could say I'm living out my childhood still.

As for the set, it's pretty cool.  The set consists of 283 pieces (plus a few extras which you'll see as the review unfolds).

There is also a special code for the WiiU LEGO City Undercover game.

As a side note, the WiiU game is awesome fun.  I highly recommend it, it's made my purchase of the WiiU worthwhile (at least for now).

The back of the box shows a bunch of different "play scenes" designed to get kids excited.  I guess I thought a "cops 'n robbers" set would sell itself!

Once you open the box, you are greeted with three numbered plastic bags plus three individual instruction manuals and a sheet of stickers.  As an adult collector, I'm still getting used to how thick the new instructions are - when I was a kid I feel like there were a lot more pieces used per step...and a set like this would have had a single instruction manual.  Even so, there's nothing wrong with LEGO trying to simplify things to keep kids interested.

The first instruction booklet is used for the police motorcycle plus the barrier and traffic cone.
I like the minifigures in the set quite a bit - and I like the traffic cone and barrier too.  I don't like all the stickers - my fat fingers struggle to line things up correctly.  As for the motorcycle, it's alright - though I don't think was necessary to have three stickers on the small little bike!

As I mentioned before, the set comes with some extra pieces.  In bag #1, you get an extra visor, an extra pair of handcuffs (which I appreciate), and a few other odds and ends.

Moving on to the second bag, we get to build the police car (more of a SUV actually).

The SUV is pretty awesome, I have to admit.
The back of the police vehicle opens up to allow for some storage (in this case, a pair of handcuffs and a walkie-talkie).
As with the first bag, you also get a few extras in this bag - though nothing overly exciting (except for another extra pair of handcuffs).  You actually get FOUR pairs of handcuffs in the set...more than the total number of figures (police or otherwise).  That's some serious stopping power for the police force.
The final bag is used to build the high speed car plus the spike strip.  The robber comes with three $100 bills plus a single gold bar (which is a new piece for my collection).

The car is a convertible - bright red of course.  However, when you start building the car you have no idea what to expect...so many colors at first!

Luckily, things get covered up and the end result is ok.
I really like the spike strip - you even get an extra spike to add to it (along with a few other extra pieces).
Overall, the set is pretty cool.  Here's the full thing:
The two police vehicles are nice and the high speed car certainly looks like it should be speedy.  There is enough traffic pieces to make the chase portion of play fun - and I'm sure the spike strip will be a favorite with kids.  My only complaint is that the set is supposed to be a direct tie to the video game...but where are spike strips in the video game?  To the best of my knowledge (and I've already beaten the main story - I'm now working on the hundreds of collectibles), there are no spike strips in the game.

One last shot of the pile of extra pieces for those who like to know such things.

I like that LEGO includes a second lever piece in case you want to do an alternate build with the set where two levers are necessary.  They do the same thing with the light pieces, another nice (though completely unnecessary) touch.

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  8
Play Value:  10
Kid Value:  9
Adult Value:  6
Overall:  8

It's a good little set - three vehicles plus three minifigures is a decent price for $30.00 (typical retail price).  I haven't actually used the code in the game yet, but I do know it will unlock a couple of vehicles (which match the vehicles in the set) plus a special bonus level.  The SUV is the highlight of the set for me though getting a generic sports car is nice for any City layout.  I also like the various traffic pieces and the gold bar & cash pieces.  That said, there isn't as much here for the adult collector - only the windshield of the SUV is overly unique and I doubt most adults will be playing cops and robbers with the set!  For kids though (which is the primary focus of the set), this one is a pure winner and comes highly recommended!


  1. I have this set, and I entered the code in Lego City Undercover. The missions are simple, but I don't want to spoil the whole thing.

  2. Yes. SUV is very good construction. Good review.