Friday, May 10, 2013

LEGO Series 10 Minifigures: Pack Rip #1

I recently purchased six packs of LEGO Series 10 Collectible minifigures.  As usual, I'm going to try to collect the entire set - though I doubt I'll ever find the uber-rare Mr. Gold.  I already opened up one of the packs on my baseball card blog where I landed what was probably my most coveted figure in the entire series.

From here on out, the goal is to knock more figures off the 'ol want list!  I've got five remaining packs to open on this blog, so let's begin!

Pack #1:

So far, so good for me!  The Baseball Fielder (as he's called) was another one of my "must own" figure choices from Series 10.  This is the second baseball playing minifigure that I own (the other was a batter for a team called the Clutchers).

Looking at the checklist, I still really want to get the Medusa, Roman Commander, Honey Bee, Paintballer, Revolutionary Soldier, and the painter.  I'm also interested (though less so) in the Librarian, Tomahawk Warrior, Skydiver, and Grandfather.  The Mechanic, Warrior Woman, Sad Clown, and Trendsetter are my four least favorites in the series (at least based on the poster - sometimes that changes when the figures are actually in hand)!
One last look at the baseball fielder:

A great start to Series 10 - let's see what the next four packs hold, shall we?!


  1. Nice!

    Where did you purchase your packs?

  2. Erin: I got them at Target, they were in a different row than the rest of the LEGO sets (which is probably why I was able to buy some)!