Wednesday, May 15, 2013

LEGO Series 10 Minifigures: Pack Rip #3

Welcome to yet another LEGO Series 10 pack rip.  This is the third (out of five) that I recently purchased.

Pack #3:

Yep, the Librarian.  First, I have to say that the Librarian is full of stereotypes - the glasses, the frumpy hair, the sweater, heck even the "shhhh" mug.  The Oranges and Peaches book is sort of interesting.  This is from The Brick Blogger:
A Google search reveals that the book’s title refers  to a story about communication skills. A patron at a library comes to the reference desk and asks for a book called “Oranges and Peaches”. The librarian has never heard of the book before, but does a quick search in the catalog. Nothing. A quick search on Amazon offers some possibilities, but, no. Nothing. Rather than send the patron away the librarian probes the patron for more information about the book: “Can you tell me what the book is about?” The patron says they have no idea. The librarian then asks how did they hear about the book. The patron says it was assigned by their professor for class. The librarian then asks: “Which class are you taking?” The patron says Biology. The librarian finally asks:  “Could it be Darwin’s Origin of Species?”
I like that at least - something fun for sure!  I also like the fact that I didn't yet own the Librarian, so far it's been four packs, four new figures for me which is awesome!  Once more, here's the checklist:

And here's a parting shot of the lovely (yet frumpy) librarian.

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  1. I love the librarian. She's so cute.

    Her hair would be in a bin, if you wanted to call her a perfect stereotype!

    I hope you DON'T get a mechanic cuz I have 2 extra. (I bought 6 packs last weekend and 3 were mechanics. : (