Tuesday, May 21, 2013

LEGO Series 10 Minifigures: Pack Rip #5

This is the fifth (and final) Series 10 pack that I purchased from Target.

Pack 5:

It's the grandfather minifig!  That means I went six-for-six on packs having new figures for me (which was the ultimate goal).  This figure is kind of cool - the balding hair piece is a nice touch for an old guy.  I could have done without the "old times" newspaper though - and why is it showing an antique car?  Are we really so dumb so as to not know that the grandpa is an old guy?

With this figure in my hands, I'm now missing only 9 figures (or 10 if you count Mr. Gold - which I don't count since I'll never find that one).

Good stuff by LEGO...I've been enjoying Series 10 quite a bit!

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