Friday, August 2, 2013

LEGO Collectible Minifigures - Series 11 Review

I did a review back when Series 9 was released but somehow missed doing one for Series 10.  No matter, here's my Series 11 review - maybe I'll make this an "odd series only" feature on my blog.  (All images from the official LEGO website).

The scientist makes for a nice addition to the mad scientist and Frankenstein from previous series.  Her print would also make for a decent doctor or nurse in a hospital scene.

Lady Robot:
Lady Robot
LEGO seems fixated on robots with their various minifigure series.  This one is find, as are all the others, but quite frankly the robot idea is getting kind of old.  This one isn't high on my want list.

Evil Mech:
Evil Mech
Another theme that LEGO has beaten to death lately, the space mechs.  At least this one looks quite a bit different than their other space dudes (and dudettes) from recent releases.

When I was in college, I had a roommate that everyone called Yeti.  That's enough of a reason for me to acquire this - but even without a "connection" to the figure it's still an awesome minifig.  This is, by far, one of my favorites in Series 11.

Saxaphone Player:
Saxaphone Player
I can't say I have a ton of interest in this figure but it does open up the possibility of LEGO eventually releasing a full band via various minifigure series.  The saxophone piece is nice looking.

Holiday Elf:
Holiday Elf
I guess LEGO can't call this a Christmas elf for marketing purposes even if it is red and green.  I like the fact that the elf comes with two accessories (a present and a bear).  I also like the Elf's hat - something I could see being worn in a Forestman scene (if it weren't for those big 'ol ears).

I don't mind LEGO including a policeman/constable/fire fighter type figure in every Collectible Minifigure Series because they are useful (and highly playable) figures.  After all, LEGO should be all about the kids first - and playable is the name of the game!

Pretzel Girl:
Pretzel Girl
I loved the Pretzel (Lederhosen) guy when it was released so you know I have to love this figure just as much (maybe more even).  This is another "must have" for me (along with the Yeti).

Diner Waitress:
Diner Waitress
This is a funny little figure that I can't quite decide if it is awesome or lame.  The roller skates and ice cream are cool, but I don't like the yellow uniform (she looks like she's wearing nothing but a blue loin cloth with a quick glance).  I suppose that might drum up business at the diner though...

This figure seems to be based on Johnny Depp's character in The Lone Ranger (or at least the LEGO verion of him).  Maybe it's just the crow on the scarecrows head that makes me think that.  I do like the ability to acquire another pitchfork - I only ever had one of those as a kid.

I think this is my least favorite character of Series 11.  There's nothing wrong with it per se, it's just that we've had way too many similar figures in previous series.

This is the third "must have" figure for me.  I think the welder looks absolutely perfect - and it makes for a great addition to any Town/City layout.  This is what all LEGO minifigures should be like - unique figures that might not necessarily fit into a proper set.

Mountain Climber:
Mountain Climber
The mountain climber has nice printing (and I like getting the rolled up rope with him).  I'm sure someone, somewhere will come up with a great mountain scene but to me he's only marginally more useful than the Skydiver from Series 10.

Lego gave us a grandpa already so this was bound to happen.  The is the same as the one that Little Red Riding held but getting a cat figure is a nice little bonus.  The sweater is hilarious.

Island Warrior:
Island Warrior
I know that there have been plenty of warriors, but if LEGO insists on putting them in the various series, they should do more like this guy.  He's unique - and quite awesome to look at.  He'd be a fun addition to an Islander collection!

Gingerbread Man:
Gingerbread Man
I'm guessing this will be a highly popular figure simply because it's so unique.  LEGO went all in on the holiday theme (2 out of the 16 figures are arguably "Christmas figures").  I don't necessarily need yet another mug but hey, it's an undeniably cute figure.

As a whole, I don't think Series 11 ranks as the best series ever.  However, it has just enough unique/interesting figures for me to try and collect it (along with the previous ten series).  If I had to pick, the Yeti, Welder, Island Warrior, Pretzel Girl, and Scarecrow would be my favorite five.  The Lady Robot, Evil Mech, Barbarian, and Mountain Climber make up my bottom four.


  1. The Scarecrow looks great!
    And the Gingerbread Man reminds me of Shrek!

  2. Yeti by far is my favorite from Series 11, with the Scarecrow a close second. The tiki guy is also pretty awesome.

  3. For me Gingerbread Man rules. In second place Wlder.

  4. I love the girl robot! I have the clockwork robot and she is a perfect match.

  5. I have doubles.

    Scarecrow and Elf.


  6. I'd be interested in the Scarecrow! The Elf is the only minifigure I have at the moment from this series.