Monday, November 25, 2013

LEGO 40056: Thanksgiving Feast - REVIEW

Each year, LEGO releases a bunch of different seasonal sets.  Some are quite nice, others not-so-nice...but until the Thanksgiving Feast was released, no seasonal set ever convinced me that it was a "must have."  For about $8.00 (as of the time of this post), you get 46 pieces including two minifigures and a full Thanksgiving spread!

As you can see from (not-so-great) scan, the set contains 46 pieces and is number 40056.  The reason why the set was considered a must buy by me?  The awesome piece selection.

Sure, you only get 46 pieces but among the 46 pieces are a full turkey, a pie, a carrot, two cats, two minifigures, a pie, and a bunch of other goodies.  You can't beat that selection for the price of the polybag!

You also get a pair of minifigures - presumably a husband and a wife who about to sit down (along with their two cats) to enjoy a feast of turkey, bread, sausages, and a carrot - with a cream pie for desert.  It's not exactly what I would consider a typical Thanksgiving meal but I guess it works in Legoland.

In terms of a build, the Thanksgiving Feast is over almost before it even begins.  Basically, you put two 6x6 tan plates together to form the table and slap on a pair of arches which serve as legs.  After that, it's mostly a matter of arranging the food and drink items (and building the keg - root beer of course since the set is for ages 6+).

For me, the full turkey and the baguette were new pieces.  I did have a pie and a carrot but only from the Collectible Minifigure Series.  The hot dogs/sausages weren't new to me but this is the largest quantity of those that I've ever gotten from a single set.

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  6
Play Value:  4
Kid Value:  4
Adult Value:  9
Overall:  6

I don't think that this set is designed to be a lot of fun for kids.  After all, for most kids eating isn't exactly a fun activity (they'd rather be playing) so I doubt "fake eating" would be all that much fun for most.  However, if a child likes to build houses (and kitchens) then this set could provide a lot of new and interesting pieces for a fully stocked kitchen!  For adults, the value isn't in the set itself but rather the individual pieces.  You get plenty of unique or hard-to-find pieces for a great price (plus you get two minifigures which can be used in a a variety of scenes).

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