Monday, December 9, 2013

LEGO 40071: Lawnmower - REVIEW

This time of year is always fun for me.  First, in November I have my birthday followed closely by Thanksgiving.  After that, it's full-on holiday cheer as we ramp up to Christmas and then New Year's.  Even better, the school year winds down at this point (at least for us professors - the students' anxiety starts to climb as we near finals week).  

My birthday was extra cool this year (at least in terms of this blog) because my wife bought me the LEGO Palace Cinema set!  I'll have a full review of the set on the blog at some point in the future (spoiler alert:  I like it a lot)!  She also posted a picture of me with my set on Facebook which eventually led to Becky (an old friend of mine) seeing the photo and saying "hey, I have one of those LEGO Movie stickers that can go on your Palace Cinema."

When the enveloped containing the sticker arrived in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised to see that she threw in an extra goodie for me - namely, the LEGO Store monthly build for November 2013.  I'm sure some people would keep these in the package for "future value."  Not me.  I like to build - and it's the build from my birthday month so you know I'm going to make it!

The bag set contains 44 pieces and is designed for ages 6+.  

I must say, this build will be a lot easier (and quicker) than the Palace Cinema!  That said, I can have lots of fun building almost any new LEGO set - big or small!  Let's rip the polybag open!

This is the first of the "free" monthly builds that I've ever had the opportunity to assemble for myself.  As such, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I have to admit that I was surprised (in a good way) that the build was more minifigure scale as opposed to a micro build.  For whatever reason, micro builds don't interest me all that much - but minifigure scale is perfect!

The only downside to the set in that sense is that you don't actually get a minifigure.  I would have loved to get a farmer figure for the tractor - but I think that would turn a free polybag into a paid polybag in stores so no complaints from me!

It's probably not surprising the build is relatively simple (though there are a bunch of small pieces used so the set really isn't for tiny kids)!  You also get three extra pieces - something that I like since I also enjoy making my own builds once in awhile (and the more pieces I own the better)!

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  n/a
Play Value:  n/a
Kid Value:  n/a
Adult Value:  n/a
Overall:  7

It's really hard to score this set because it was originally a free set given out at stores.  As such, I couldn't possibly give it anything other than a 10 for "value"!  I will say this, based on the limited number of other monthly build sets that I saw when I was doing a bit of research for this article, I would put the Lawnmower in the upper half.  In fact, I like this particular build quite a bit - especially the hook on the back end of the tractor which could be used to haul a trailer.  Hence, the 7 rating overall!

Many thanks Becky!  And, as always, should anyone else want to send me LEGO stuff - it's always appreciated (even if it isn't my birthday again for another 11 months)!

Oh, and if you were wondering how the tractor was actually built - here are the complete instructions including the piece checklist for the set.

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