Friday, December 13, 2013

Minifigure Museum: Holiday Elf (Series 11)

Holiday Elf:  Series 11 LEGO Minifigure

The Holiday Elf is a Series 11 minifigure that comes with a present and a teddy bear.

The Holiday Elf is number 7 in the Series 11 Collectible Minifigure set and is one of three winter-related figures in the set (the other two being the Yeti with popsicle and the Gingerbread Man).  Having three winter/holiday related figures makes sense since Series 11 was released around the time of Christmas!  Of course, this isn't a Christmas elf but rather a holiday elf...

The figure itself is quite nice because you get two accessories which makes up for the fact that it's a "short" figure.  Of course, having the non-movable short (or kid) legs makes sense for an elf!

In all, you get a present (complete with a printed tile - no sticker!) and a teddy bear (notice the bow on the bear).  You also get bright green legs and an elf hat (with attached ears).  You also get a goofy grin on the elf's face (and some nice printing on the front of the torso).  Unfortunately, there is no back printing on the figure.  The other disappointment for the figure is the fact that the legs are a much brighter green than the torso.  I would have preferred for everything (hat, torso, and legs) to be the same shade green.

The figure's hat piece comes with attached elf ears which works great for the figure (but not so great if you want to use this figure's hat for some sort of MOC scene)!  For me, I keep my Collectible Minifigures complete and in tact so I like the hat piece a lot!

All in all, the Holiday Elf is a solid addition to the minifigure line.  It's certainly not my favorite figure in Series 11 (see my review of the entire series 11 here), but it's a solid figure.  Had the legs matched the green of the torso, I would really have no complaints!

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  1. This will fit right in with your Winter Village sets. As a matter of fact there are three figures in this set that are perfect for that theme. I also have a few extra Series 11 to trade if you want. I'm not sure which ones I'd have to look when I get home, but I think I have at least a few you need.