Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LEGO Mania Magazine: A Look Back to Twenty Years Ago! (Part II)

On Monday, I mentioned that I found my original stash of LEGO Mania Magazines from back when I was a kid while staying at my parent's house for Christmas.  I also showed off the cover of the first issue - from back in Winter 1994.

I thought it'd be fun to go through the magazine on the blog, one page at a time.  In this way, we can all relive some of the "glory years" of LEGO (at least for those who around my age).  We can also use the magazine to see where LEGO has (and hasn't) made improvements over the past twenty years!

Although the cover of the magazine highlights the Islanders theme, the first actual page of the magazine contains a full page ad for the Monorail Transport Base (set #6991).

As a kid, I always wanted this set - I remember staring at the image for many hours thinking how cool everything looked.  I've mentioned before on the blog that my two favorite themes were Castle and Space - so it's probably no surprise that this page caught my eye!

The Monorail Transport Base was impressive back then because it had a variety of baseplates (including one of the printed "hilly road" plates that I always found interesting) and it had what appeared to be a decent amount of track for the monorail.  Looking at the set through adult eyes, I can see that had I ever managed to acquire the set, I would have wished I had a lot more in the way of straight monorail pieces.  I'm guessing I also would have found the upper circle "loop" to be pretty darn pointless - though I don't think the included pieces would allow you to make any other more interesting design.

At the bottom of the page, you can see that there is a crocodile counting contest within the magazine.  Since I plan to eventually scan and write about all of the pages, you can play along (though I'm guessing LEGO won't award you any prizes since the magazine is now twenty years old)!

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