Thursday, February 27, 2014

LEGO Mania Magazine: A Look Back to Twenty Years Ago! (Part IV)

It's time to turn the page of the LEGO Mania Magazine (from back in Winter 1994)!  I already discussed the first few pages here - now it's time to get to the "feature story."  The cover of the magazine advertised the new (at that time) Islander's theme...and so the main story of the magazine discussed the "real life" Islanders!

The feature story contains a brief blurb about a few different islands beginning with Papua New Guinea.  There is also a nice paragraph about Roberton's treasure which is supposedly hidden on Agrilon Island.  A quick Google search didn't yield much information (besides this somewhat shady-looking website).  However, if the website is correct, the actual story of Roberton was much more gruesome than the LEGO magazine alludes to!

The final page of the main story contains information about one more island (Pitcairn) as well as a building challenge contest that Lego sponsored.

In terms of the Islanders theme, I only ever owned one set (it was a small prison set).  My brother had the catamaran set (featured on the second page of today's post) as well as an Islander fort of sorts.  I was much more of a fan of the castle and space lines (and in fact, I owned the flying saucer that is pictured on the final scan of today's post)!

Join me next time when we turn our attention to some user created models that LEGO decided to publish.  How will they stack up against today's model builders?  You'll have to wait to find out...

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