Monday, March 31, 2014

LEGO Mania Magazine: A Look Back to Twenty Years Ago! (Part VII)

Our journey through the inaugural issue of the LEGO Mania Magazine from Winter 1994 is almost over!  Today, we flip over to pages 12 and 13 where we find fan submitted directions for a logging truck!

It's funny that the featured model is a logging truck since I still have LEGO's official logging truck from their City line to build and review for the blog - something that probably won't happen until I'm done teaching for the semester.

As for the model, notice the picture of the model (presumably submitted by the fan) doesn't actually match the instructions - the arm piece should be placed behind the cab of the truck rather than on top of the truck.  Whoops!

Did you happen to notice that the "flip 'n build" model is now done...and that the whole exercise was to build a platypus (of all things)?!  I guess it's a nice use of the brick separator in a model...though I'd be shocked if very many people actually tried to build the platypus - it's pretty lame compared to most of the other models in the magazine.

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