Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Surprise LEGO Minifigure in my Mailbox (Courtesy of Futuron of my Youth)!

A few days ago, a blog reader by the name of Phil (who goes by Cure-all Pill and writes the blog Futuron of my Youth) contacted me saying that I had the wrong minifigure for one of my old Space Police sets.  While I certainly appreciate it anytime someone corrects something that I have wrong, Phil one upped the usual person by actually sending me the correct figure!

This isn't any old figure though - it's Captain Magenta (who wears an awful lot of green which is amusing)!

According to brickipedia, Captain Magenta was introduced back in 1992 and was supposed to be the leader of the entire LEGO Space Police force.  As a kid, I loved the Space Police line (and pretty much all the other space factions as well) - but I never had the actual Captain of the squad.

Now I can happily report that I do indeed have the leader!  As for others who might want to acquire Captain Magenta, he is only available in two different sets:  6813 Galactic Chief (which I reviewed here) and 6984 Galactic Mediator which I never owned when it was released nor do I own it now (though maybe that will change someday)!

Many thanks to Phil who so graciously sent me my own copy of Captain Magenta - and when you are done reading here make sure you check out Phil's blog too!

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