Monday, April 28, 2014

More LEGO Movie Minifigure Packs!

Amazingly, my local Wal*Mart still had some Collectible LEGO Movie Minifigure packs from the same box that I got the last bunch from.  The box had been picked over a bit - but since I still need 12 of the 16 figures, I figured it wasn't a big deal.  Let's hope I am correct since I grabbed another three packs to open today!

Unfortunately, my good luck of avoiding duplicates ended with the very first pack.  I ended up with my second Abe Lincoln figure.  Since I just featured him in my previous pack rip post, I won't bother showing him again.

Moving on to the second pack where I get my first new figure!

This is the Taco Tuesday Guy - a figure that I really liked when I first saw it (especially for the printed bowl piece - very cool)!  You'll get a better look at that when I add Taco Tuesday Guy to my Minifigure Museum Collection on the blog.

Finally, the final figure from this purchase (which happily was another one that I needed):  Where's my Pants guy.

He's a goofy figure (and really, the perfect figure to summarize the LEGO Movie)!  It's amusing that LEGO used yellow to signify the poor guy has no pants on...but it works well so kudos to LEGO on that.  I believe this is the first floral printed torso that I've received too, so that's something.

Overall, I think my three minifigures last time were a better selection (and more fun) than this batch (though I do like the Taco Tuesday a lot).  Getting duplicates is always a bummer - but it does open up the door for potential trades!

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  1. I'm anyways in love with the Minifigure Lego Movie but the Taco Tuesday Guy is my favorite. I'm looking forward at having it.