Monday, May 5, 2014

I Can't Stay Away! (3 More LEGO Movie Minifigure Packs)

As the post title says, I can't stay away from the LEGO Movie Minifigure packs!  I'm back with another three (something about spending under $10 appeals to me I guess).

I did pretty well this time around, though I did end up with one duplicate (my second Panda Guy).  Since I showed off Panda Guy in a previous post, I won't bore you with him yet again.  Luckily, the next two packs yielded figures that I needed (and "rare" figures no less)!

First up, Marsha Queen of the Mermaids.

I don't recall much of Marsha in the LEGO Movie.  I think she was a master builder but that's all I remember.  I do know she is one of the rarest figures in the set (only two per box) so I'm happy to have her in my collection.

The final figure this time around was another rare female figure - this time it is Calamity Drone.

A funny name to be sure (and very clever) but it's an odd looking figure.  I guess I don't care much for the robot figures as this one doesn't really interest me.  That said, a simple swap of the hair (and maybe hands) and you'd have a great looking western themed figure.

I'm slowly but surely working my way to the full set.  At this point, I have exactly 50% of the set complete - but only one common figure so far so hopefully the second half will be easier to finish off!

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