Thursday, May 1, 2014

LEGO Mania Magazine: A Look Back to Twenty Years Ago! (Part VIII)

When we last looked at the Winter 1994 Inaugural Issue of LEGO Mania Magazine, we made our way up through and including page 13.  At this point, there are only three pages - so let's finish off the magazine!

The final two regular pages (i.e. all but the back cover) contain puzzles for kids to solve.  Since I was a kid when the magazine first came out, I did complete the puzzles (or at least some of them).

On the second page of puzzles, there's another hidden crocodile (remember the contest was to count up all the crocodiles in the magaznie).  I like that the one maze ties in directly with the Islanders theme that LEGO went with for the inaugural issue.

Moving on to the back cover of the magazine, we find the one blatant advertisement for LEGO sets.

When I was a kid, I had at least two copies of the LEGO Club Castle value pack.  In fact, I've already reviewed the so-called bonus free King's Archer model on my blog.  At some point, I'll be sure to review the other two sets as well - I know I have them around here somewhere!

The Sandy Point Marina set doesn't ring any bells with me.  I must not have focused on that set when I was a kid...I was definitely more of a Castle & Space (and a bit of Pirates) collector when I was younger...which is too bad in some ways since I now mostly buy the City line of sets!

And with that, the entire magazine is complete and on the blog for all to enjoy and review.  I think LEGO did a good job of appealing to kids with the issue - I know I was interested in most of the magazine.  I always wanted to get one of my models featured in the magazine, but I don't think I ever even sent in a photo.  I might have some other issues of the magazine still (I'll have to check) so this might not be the last of the Mania Magazine here at Legend of Lego!

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