Monday, June 23, 2014

LEGO 40108: Balloon Cart - REVIEW

In June 2014, LEGO 40108:  Balloon Cart was given out for free if you spent at least $75 at the LEGO Store.  I spent my hard earned cash on Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, Spaceship! but it was back ordered.  Luckily for me, LEGO was nice and actually shipped the free set to me about a week before I was to receive Benny's Spaceship.

As for the set itself, the Balloon Cart contains 66 pieces which includes a pair of minifigures (one young boy and one cart worker).

The young boy comes with two different faces - a super happy grin for when he has a balloon in hand and a crying face for when he inevitably lets the balloon go.

The cart worker has only once face but he comes with a nice torso piece which includes a printed vest, watch with chain, and a bit of back printing as well.  I think the cart worker would fit in well in a hotel setting or even an old timey train station.

Since this is only a polybag set, the build itself is quite quick.  However, for a free set the finished product is quite nice.  In the end, you end up with four "inflated" balloons (in four colors) plus 4 "deflated" balloons (but only in two colors).  The deflated balloons are simple 1x1 round stud pieces that are stored in the cart - but it works well within the world of the set.  Technically, the cart is only supposed to come with two of the 1x1 pieces (one red and one orange) but you get two addition studs as extra pieces - plus an extra nozzle for the helium tanks.

The cart also contains a pair of helium tanks which helps to complete the look (otherwise it might be confused with a cotton candy cart I guess).

Overall, I like the Balloon Cart - and for a free set it's hard to complain much about it at all.  If I could offer up two complaints/suggestions it would be that the cart and balloons don't seem to match the scale of the minifigure (and I wish LEGO would have given four different colored 1x1 studs that match the four colors of the inflated ballons).

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  8
Play Value:  8
Kid Value:  9
Adult Value:  5
Overall:  8

A solid set - especially for a free throw-in!  Getting two minifigures is a nice bonus (and greatly increases the playability factor of the set).

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