Tuesday, June 10, 2014

LEGO 6246: Crocodile Cage - REVIEW

When I was a kid, my two favorite themes were definitely Castle and Space.  From there, I was also interested in the Town/City line (though I didn't own many sets from that theme).  The fourth theme of interest to me?  Pirates.  I wasn't as into the Pirates theme as my younger brother (he had more of the awesome Pirate ships and forts - something I did not have) but I did have a fair number of small and medium sized Pirate sets.  Today's set for review is one such Pirate set - this one from the Islanders subtheme.

The Crocodile Cage (LEGO 6246) is a 56 piece set that comes with two different minifigures plus a crocodile and a red parrot.  The set comes with one Islander (who has a bow, shield, quiver, and spear at his disposal.  The second figure is a pirate prisoner complete with a peg leg as well as a rifle and a sword stored (conveniently for the prisoner) right outside of the jail cell.  Despite being a small set, there is a lot weaponry included (the jail cell itself is made up of another four spears)!  As a kid I distinctly remember loving the fact that one set provided so much in the way of weapons.

As for the build itself, the entire set is built on a 6 x 12 green base plate.  Other than the plethora of weapons, there aren't a lot of other pieces included of note (besides the lovely green bush of course).

It shouldn't be surprising that the build itself is quick and easy since the set contains a mere 56 pieces.  You begin by constructing the base of the jail cell, plus a rock for the plant to sit on and a small fire pit of sorts.

After that, you construct the jail door (which is four spears on top of a hinged piece that allows the entire jail door to open wide so that you can get the pirate in and out of the cell easily).

The finished set is great looking for its size!  The top of the jail cell even has a little bit of decoration (plus a red parrot who is supposed to sit on one of the spears).  There is also a "shrunken head" on a stick included with the set - sort of creepy but I guess the Islanders were cannibals?

In the end, I can't recommend this set highly enough!  The pirate even fits into the jail cell perfectly if you sit him down (the side pieces allow for the pirate's arms to fit in without anything being too squished or fitting sideways.

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  10
Play Value:  10
Kid Value:  10
Adult Value:  7
Overall:  9.5

I loved it as a kid (it was released in 1994) and I still love it today.  I did dock a few points for my "adult value" score simply because there aren't a lot of unique pieces or clever building techniques used.  However, for the cost of the set you do get a ton of weapons plus the bush, parrot, crocodile, and the white bone pieces.  In addition, both minifigures are quite nice - the pirate having a peg leg adds even more adult value to the set (plus it sends the kid value through the roof)!

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