Monday, June 2, 2014

Three More LEGO Minifigures (2 from The LEGO Movie, 1 from Series 9)

It's been a bit quiet here at Legend of LEGO but I'm hoping to fix that now that I'm back from a week long vacation and a three day work trip!  Although I haven't had the opportunity to buy much in the way of LEGO products lately, I have managed to procure three new collectible minifigures for my collection.

The first is the Mermaid from Series 9.

I was happy to get the Mermaid since my Series 9 set is still in some serious need of figures.  In fact, I still need 6 of the 16 figures in the set - I'm missing classic favorites like the Chicken Suit Guy and the Plumber as well as the Waiter, Fortune Teller, Battle Mech, and the Roller Derby Girl.

Amazingly, my LEGO Collectible Minifigure series is doing exactly as well as Series 9 - despite the fact the the Movie figures are much, much newer!  Thanks to my two newest additions I now only need six more from the LEGO Movie series as well!

My newest additions include Wily Fusebot.

He's a funny little critter - isn't he?  The beard piece is separate - and it looks incredibly goofy on a robot!  I do love the detailing on the torso and legs though - good stuff.

The second figure is one of my most wanted figures after I saw the movie.  Who doesn't love Good Cop / Bad Cop (or as he's known here:  Scribble Face Cop).

Besides the scribble face (which is my favorite), the cop also has a more regular face too.

I'll be displaying him with the scribble face however - it's much more unique!

The two LEGO Movie figures came in a swap with my brother - the other came from either eBay or Listia (I forget which now!).  As usual, if you have any other figures that I'm looking for, I'd love to work out a trade.  I have a slew of extras from various series!

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