Monday, July 28, 2014

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 12: First Look & REVIEW!

The image for the entire set of the LEGO Series 12 Collectible Minifigures has been making the rounds on the internet which means it's time for a first look and review!

Here are the 16 figures in all their (non-licensed) glory:

The list of figures along with my initial review of each:

Battle Goddess:  The goddess is rocking an awesome shield with a Pegasus on it (a must have for me) and I really like her helmet/hair piece as well as the toga-esque dress.  Notice the bottom of her feet even have a bit of printing to indicate sandals.  This is a must have figure for me!

Dino Tracker:  Another female figure (the LEGO Company has been doing a better job of evening up the gender gap a bit in the Collectible Minifigure Series).  I like the Dino Tracker's crossbow but I wish that sleeping dart (tranquilizer) could clip to the bow somehow.

Fairytale Princess:  I guess the green frog is nice enough but honestly this figure doesn't excite me much at first glance.  It could be fun to play "damsel in distress" with your Kingdom/Castle sets but even that is considered chauvinistic these days I would assume.

Genie Girl:  Was there an overwhelming need for I Dream of Jeanie figurines that I missed?  I don't mind strange and goofy figures (in fact, I often love them) but the Genie Girl seems unnecessary considering we've already gotten a (male) genie in a previous series.

Hun Warrior:  Each Collectible Minifigure Series seems to have at least one army-type figure.  For Series 12, that figure is definitely the Hun Warrior.  While the figure is nice enough on its own, the figure doesn't really have any other LEGO branded sets to fit in with...maybe Castle, maybe Lord of the Rings...but basically he's a homeless Warrior.

Jester:  Pretty colors and a fun figures - I definitely want one of this guy.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what I'd do with more than one so hopefully he is a rare figure.

Lifeguard:  Does LEGO City need even more lifeguards?  It feels like this figure could have had some many other professions to better populate a LEGO city (think along the lines of the previous plumber and judge).

Piggy Guy:  LEGO has a long-standing tradition of including a dressed up or costumed figure in each series.  The Piggy Guy is hilarious - and a definite win on the design front (the green apple prop tops off the figure for sure)!

Pizza Delivery Man:  Believe it or not, the Pizza Guy is one of my favorite figures in the series!  This is the type of figure that LEGO needs to do more of in the Collectible Series - useful figures for a LEGO City that might not necessary fit into popular selling sets.

Prospector:  The prospector has a kind of creepy looking grin to him and he has boring accessories (pickax, really?).  I can't say I find this guy too exciting.

Rock Star:  The Rock Star figure is nicer than some of the previous, but again I find this particular subtheme annoying...  Do people create minifigure concerts?  Is there a LEGO-a-palooza out there somewhere?

Space Miner:  The requisite space figure is a pretty cool miner - something different on the space front is always appreciated (and with the success of The LEGO Movie and Benny in particular, I expect we will see a return to more Space themed figures and sets in the near future).

Spooky Girl:  I have no interest in goth, nor this figure.  This is an easy choice for my least wanted figure in the series - and frankly, one of my least wanted figures in the entire collection.  That said, if you make a custom mall or shopping center for your city this figure would fit in perfectly in a Hot Topic type store.

Swashbuckler:  He seems too happy to be a proper swashbuckler but it's still a fun figure.

Video Game Guy:  I would think the cross between video game players and LEGO fans is fairly high which should make Video Game Guy a popular figure indeed.  His Player 1 shirt is funny and I like the printed video game controller a lot.

Wizard:  Last but certainly not least, the Wizard is a nice looking figure (and you could use it as a substitute Vitrivious if you didn't get a chance to track down one of those figures in the past).  For pack searchers, the Wizard and the Princess will feel pretty much the same except for the Wizard's staff (telling the difference between the frog and gem could be possible as well but probably tricky).

Overall, I think this is a solid Series of figures with very few truly boring/bad characters (the life guard and the Spooky Girl are my two least favorites).  On the other hand, there aren't a lot of "must have" figures for me either (besides, you know, one copy of each since I like to collect full sets of the figures)!

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  1. I like both the Pizza boy and the gamer. Hope to see this collection soon around here.