Thursday, July 24, 2014

Minifigure Museum: Scarecrow (Series 11)

Scarecrow:  Series 11 LEGO Minifigure
The Scarecrow is an awesome minifigure from Series 11 of the Collectible Minifigure Series.
In actuality, I found most of the Series 11 figures to be quite nice - but the Scarecrow stands out (to me anyhow) as one of the best of the best!  For starters, the front printing on the scarecrow is tremendous - the patches on the torso and legs are great - and there's even arm printing with more patches!

The figure also comes with a farmer's old hat (complete with a crow sitting on it) and a pitchfork.  The pitchfork isn't the most common element (though it has been around for a long time) so it's a nice inclusion as an accessory.

The crow stays on the hat via a small pin sized hole in the top of the hat.  While that makes for a slick setup for the minifigure, it completely eliminates most of the crow's re-usability in other builds or MOCs. 
Overall, I was incredibly excited when I first saw this figure on the initial Series 11 sell sheet and I still like it now that it is in hand.  Other than the crow lacking any real way to be used outside of the figure itself, this figure is perfect.

Ok, there's one more flaw.  I don't think he'll be scaring away any birds from my actual garden anytime soon...

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