Tuesday, August 5, 2014

LEGO 6009: Black Knight - REVIEW

It's time to dip back into my box of LEGO sets from when I was a kid.  Today's set is one of the smallest sets that I ever owned (it officially contains a mere 22 pieces).  That said, for such a small set it provided a lot of fun play value for me over the years!

The Black Knight's instruction manual probably wasn't ever necessary - you can simply look at the photo and see exactly how to build the entire set!

The Black Knight set is basically exactly that.  A knight from the Black Knight's guild.  The set comes with a horse, the knight, a plethora of weapons (2 swords, a crossbow, and shield), and small weapon rack.  That's it.

As a kid, I always loved the knight's helmet and armor.  I never had any other minifigures quite like this one which made the Black Knight feel more special to me than probably a set this small ever actually deserved!

The Bottom Line (out of 10):
Fun:  2
Play Value:  3
Kid Value:  3
Adult Value:  4
Overall:  3

While I enjoyed the set a lot as a kid, it was only because I also owned plenty of other Castle themed sets (including other Black Knights sets).  If I only owned this one Castle set, it would have been quite lame indeed (you don't even get another "bad guy" for the knight to go up against).  Even worse, the set was originally $3.25 which doesn't really even seem like that great of a deal today (and the set was released back in 1992)!


  1. In those sets - knights with horse - like this one or 6008 - supposed to be more equipment i think. Not only few more weapons. Simple set. Good short review :)

  2. A very nice simple set. Maybe I had this one when I was a kid. Castle sets form the 90's are still terrific !