Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A New Project Here at Playing with Bricks!

Now that I'm all moved into my new home, I'm ready to get back to blogging full-time.  In fact, my new home offers me a great "man cave" of sorts where I can keep all of my baseball cards AND all of my LEGO bricks.  Even better, I have decided to begin a new project - my own City creation!

I've been inspired by a few other YouTubers out there - and while I don't necessarily expect my city to always have the same level of detail and sheer awesomeness as some, I do hope to create my own thriving LEGO world!

I thought it would be sort of neat to catalog the entire experience of creating my own LEGO city on the blog since I'm literally starting with nothing at the moment.  In the near future I will need to get a table, a plan for the city itself, and of course, tons and tons of LEGO bricks!

Since the bricks are the most important element (and the most expensive), I grabbed a few with a recent LEGO Shop at Home order from their Pick-a-Brick site.  It's not a lot of pieces but I have to start somewhere.

Want to know what I got?

 I hope this is a fun exercise - and I hope it grows some interest in the blog as the city progresses!  Stay tuned for more - I have another order (this time from eBay) on the way soon!

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