Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's Almost Time: LEGO 2014 City Advent Calendar!

Tomorrow is December 1st which means I can officially start opening up my LEGO 2014 City Advent Calendar that I received as a birthday present from my younger brother.

Tonight, I cracked through the tape in order to unfold the front cover - and in the process reveal the 24 different numbered tabs which all hold a small build behind them!

What will day #1 bring?

I don't know - and I've been very careful to avoid any spoilers!  Hopefully I will get a chance to both open the cubby AND blog about day #1's contents tomorrow!

I will say that this is my first ever LEGO Advent Calendar - so I was happily surprised when I unfolded the cover and realized that there is a small, printed play scene on the reverse side of the cover.

The entire thing folds down so that you can have the little cubbies upright while the play mat is down on the table top.  It will be fun to add the various mini builds to the play scene as the month progresses!

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