Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day 14: 2014 LEGO City Advent Calendar (LEGO 60063)

Today's 2014 LEGO City Advent Calendar post is delayed because I've been terribly sick all day.  In fact, I believe I've been fully awake for less than 60 minutes for the entirety of the day!  All that said, I decided I would still open up today's calendar door in between naps and taking medication...

Our build today consists of only seven pieces - and only four different pieces at that.  The build is a simple, yet effective, sled for our young City dwellers (or maybe for the robber to use in making a quick escape down the hill)?

I did find it a bit strange that LEGO didn't simply give us a 2x4 red plate rather than a pair of 1x4 red plates.  I guess they wanted to up the overall piece count slightly?

The LEGO City scene didn't really change from yesterday as I didn't have the energy...instead I simply plopped the sled in the middle and called it a day. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow!

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