Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 22: 2014 LEGO City Advent Calendar (LEGO 60063)

Only three days 'til Christmas not counting today...and counting today we only have three more mini LEGO City 2014 Advent Calendar builds to construct!

Today's build came with a (comparatively) large number of pieces - 25 in total in the bag.  The build itself was the not-surprising but certainly necessary, Christmas tree!

This particular tree contains 8 branches (two different sizes) with a 1x1 round trans piece serving as a light or ornament on the bottom of each of the 8 branches.  You also get a yellow jewel to serve as the tree topper.  I do wish that LEGO had given us 2x2 round green pieces rather than the 2x2 square pieces for use in constructing the tree, but otherwise I have no complaints!  You also get four extra trans pieces as spares today - no complaints about that either!

The tree certainly makes for a fine decoration in the growing LEGO City!

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