Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Day 9: 2014 LEGO City Advent Calendar (LEGO 60063)

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching which is ever so obvious when opening up an Advent Calendar...today we open Day #9 which means we only have 15 more days of LEGO goodies!

Today's bag of pieces doesn't disappoint as we get another new food item plus a few other interesting parts.

The build is actually a small hand card designed to carry baked goods.  For today, we get a loaf of bread (our first from the calendar) but you can also put the croissant in the cart or maybe even the pie!  The cart only required five pieces (plus the bread) to complete but LEGO did throw in a couple of larger-than-usual extras to round out the bag of parts.

The LEGO Advent City continues to grow though honestly the bread cart doesn't make things look all that much different from yesterday's post.  I hope we get another window scene so that they can be combined into a "proper" store front too!

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