Monday, December 22, 2014

LEGO 40058: Decorating the Tree - REVIEW

Today's review is a small polybag set that was originally released back in 2013.  I happened to pick it up at some point last year and then packed it away so that I'd have something to open around this year's Christmas season!

The set which is aptly named Decorating the Tree contains two minifigures, a decent-sized brick built Christmas tree, a short ladder, and five Christmas presents.

The father minifigure has a plaid shirt and is the one climbing the ladder in order to fix the red bulb on the branch.  The kid is (presumably) the daughter and is about to be spoiled rotten with five presents including a nice blue train minibuild!

Overall, this is a really nice set considering the fact that it is a polybag!  The 110 pieces is a bit misleading in that many of the pieces are only 1x1s but even so, it's a highly recommended pickup for your Winter Village or any other winter/Christmas themed layout.

And for those that are interested, yes you do get a few extras including an extra wand.

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