Monday, December 29, 2014

LEGO 60048: Police Dog Unit - REVIEW

My Christmas LEGO haul was one for the ages (as you'll see over time on this blog)!  To start things off, I had asked for this particular LEGO City Police set (Police Dog Unit) because I'm a lover of dogs!

Yes, I wanted this set mostly because of the dogs - but also because I hope to soon start my own custom LEGO City creation and getting those brick pieces that are used in the robbers' shack will be quite useful!  Overall, the set comes with three minifigures and 249 pieces which are used to build two vehicles and a small shack!

Upon opening the box, you are greeted with three instruction manuals which correspond to three bags of pieces.  It should be noted that the majority of the pieces reside in bag #2 which is used to build the police vehicle.  You also get a sticker sheet which contains seven stickers.

The first bag is used to build the two robbers plus their getaway vehicle.  The vehicle is some sort of pickup truck crossed with a muscle car.  It looks suitably rickety for a bunch of ragtag robbers!

The truck contains a removable crate which is used to hold the robbers' loot.  The treasure is random - basically anything shiny and not locked down becomes the robbers...which means there's a jewel, some cash, a shiny goblet, and the faucet off of someone's kitchen sink!

Moving on to bag #2, we get to build the star of the set which is the Police Dog Unit itself.  The set comes with a single police officer (who has a pair of handcuffs and a flashlight as accessories) and two police dogs.  The instructions only show one dog bone for the pair of police pups, but the set does come with an extra bone.  I think both dogs deserve a bone!

As for the police vehicle, the back of the truck opens up in a sort of ramp which allows the two dogs to climb in and out.  The dogs both fit in the back, though it's definitely tight!

The rest of the duplicates for bag #2 include the already mentioned bone, enough pieces to build a second flashlight, and a few other small pieces.  It should be noted that there were no extra pieces in bag #1.  In addition, all seven stickers are used on the police vehicle.

Finally, we move on to bag #3 which is the robbers' shack.  From the front, you can see a bit of brickwork coupled with a green front door.  There is a small light on the right side of the shack and a window on the left side of the front door.

There is also a set of Bilco doors on the left of the shack which can be opened (and it's where the robbers can stash their crate of stolen loot).  You can also see the rat (complete with a piece of cheese) and the extra pieces that come in bag #3.

From the backside of the shack, you can see that the two of the four walls are missing.  In doing so, LEGO made sure that set was easily playable - both in terms of light in the shack and space for fingers to get in there to move around minifigs!  The only other thing on the inside of the shack is a rather cool little periscope contraption which uses the binoculars piece in a clever way!

The bottom line:
Fun:  9
Play Value:  9
Kid Value:  9
Adult Value:  6
Overall:  8.5

Putting the entire set together, I had a favorable impression from start to finish.  The two vehicles are completely different and it's always fun to get both a cop's and a robber's car in the same set (after all, who doesn't love a good chase scene)?!  The added bonus of the small robber shack really fills the set out nicely (and is, in my opinion) better than most of the other cops and robbers sets that LEGO has released lately.  I initially wanted the set for the two police dogs (and the police dog vehicle) but I have to admit that it was the robber's truck and shack that stole the show!  All told, this set is highly recommended.

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