Monday, January 19, 2015

REVIEW: LEGO Storage Kit from

The other day, I made an order at Amazon and on a whim added in a LEGO Storage Kit to my cart as I completed my purchase.  The mail arrived a few days ago and I'm now here to review the kit for you.

First of all, it should be noted that the storage kit is basically a small tackle box.  In fact, it's not basically a small tackle box, it IS a small tackle box.  Here's the exact same box on Plano's website (the manufacturer of the box).  A quick Google search shows you can buy just the tackle box for about $11 online.

I ended up getting my "storage kit" for $25 on Amazon which means I basically spent $14 for 200 assorted LEGO pieces.

So the question remains, was it worth it?  The typical way to evaluate LEGO value is to take the cost and divide by the number of pieces.  In this case (using the $14 as my price point), I paid 7 cents per piece.  That is well below the standard 10 cents per piece which suggests this is a good deal...

Of course, it didn't come with any minifigures, nor any particularly large pieces so value is probably in the eye of the beholder.  I will say that I was happy enough!

For me, the piece selection was quite solid - and the color selection was vibrant.  I should also note that the storage case itself feels quite solid...and the clasps are easy to open but also feel much better built than other similar storage containers.  Again, I'm happy!

For those that are wondering, here is a close up of the pieces that I received in my kit.  Do note that the product doesn't promise any specific piece or pieces...just that you'll get 200 official LEGO pieces.

I did pick out a few of the more interesting pieces to show off...

I am particularly happy to acquire the yellow windows (complete with "glass" pieces).  The only downside to the piece selection was that for the most part the pieces came in multiples of five.  I would have preferred four or six since many LEGO models are built symmetrically...especially vehicles!

Overall, I think the kit is a decent value if you are in need of a storage container.  For straight up buildability (my made up word), the kit is lacking since you don't get any base plates (or really any large plates of note).  There are also no minifigures...and most of the pieces are in different colors - pretty, but not great for making a single object!  That said, this is an awesome kit to simply augment your collection while simultaneously giving you a sturdy storage option!

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  1. I actually use those to store my minifigures in. They have them locally at the Fred Meyers for $6.99. Not a bad selection of bricks though. But your right all pretty small stuff.