Friday, January 23, 2015

They are Finally Here! Woo!

Northcentral Pennsylvania (where I live) always seems to be a few weeks behind everyone else in terms of LEGO releases.  My local big box store is Wal*Mart and this was the first week where I found any of the new LEGO City swamp sets...and the snow plow set (which I really do want but I didn't buy it yet).  My Wal*Mart also finally had the Double-Decker Couch set in stock (another set I want) but they didn't have any of the other new LEGO Movie sets.

Like I said, it takes awhile for new sets to arrive in my neck of the woods.

That probably explains why I was so happy to finally lay my eyes on the newest Collectible Minifigures:  Series 13.

And yes, those I did buy!

More to come once I open 'em!


  1. I like the little blue-faced future soldier guy. He looks happy.

  2. I find it funny that I get stuff up here in Alaska than you do. Did you get a Hot Dog Guy???

    1. I really need to proofread my comments for hitting publish. That should read - I find it funny I get stuff up here in Alaska before you do.