Monday, February 16, 2015

LEGO 60083: Snowplow Truck - REVIEW

It's been awhile since I had a new update for Playing with Bricks but I'm pleased to say that I'm back!

Not only am I back, but I have a few things in my mind that I hope to do with this blog over the next few months.  We shall see how those plans pan out...but for today, it's time to take a look at one of the newer LEGO releases from the City theme.

The Snowplow Truck (set #60083) comes with 196 pieces and a single minifigure.  I have to say that the 196 pieces is misleading since 15 of those (16 if you count the one extra) are simply 1x1 flat white round tile pieces used to simulate snow.  The actual build of the truck is incredibly easy - though LEGO did spread the build across two numbered bags to make life even easier!

I'm a big fan of the LEGO Winter Village theme - so when I saw LEGO was releasing a snowplow in their City theme, I knew I had to have it.  Unfortunately, the actual truck would be out of place given the other Winter Village sets...but there's enough good stuff here that I think I could manage some sort of customization in order to make the truck work with the village should I choose to next winter!

As I said earlier, the set comes with a single minifigure.

The snowplow worker doesn't appear to be dressed well for the elements - especially when you consider that he is shown on the box art using a shovel to do some digging by hand!  The figure doesn't contain any back printing, nor does he have a second face.  I would have preferred to have seen the minifigure with the big hooded headgear rather than the ball cap but that's a minor quibble.

The real star of the set is the actual snowplow truck.  From the side, I think the wheels look a bit odd but otherwise it's a solid design.  I like that the truck has two minifigure accessories (the brush on this side and the shovel on the other side of the truck).  The green and orange colors scheme works well here too.

Looking at the plow from the front, you can see that the plow itself is substantial in size!  It actually looks pretty good - the bright orange works well here too.  I do think that some sort of solid angled orange pieces would have been better for the "scoop" part of the plow (as opposed to the orange seat pieces that LEGO used here).  You can also see the driver of the truck has his trusty red mug.  It wouldn't be a LEGO City set without that mug!

I was most surprised (in a good way) with the back of the truck.  When I bought the set, I didn't even look at the back of the box so I had no idea that there was an included "salt spreader" on the truck.  You can probably make out the gear on the back of the truck...  When you push the truck along, the gear actually turns the salt spreader which is a fun inclusion!  Unfortunately, the salt spreader itself doesn't actually spread anything - you'll have to use your imagination for that part.  It definitely looks good though - even if that blue arrow is a sticker (which is a shame since LEGO used to make street signs with that exact design as a printed piece)!

The set comes with 15 (actually 16) of the 1x1 round, smooth white tiles which are supposed to simulate snow.  You can easily push all 15 tiles with the gigantic plow which is nice.  The set also contains 12 (!!) stickers to apply.  You can see seven of the twelve stickers in the above photo.

The final bit of "play value" for the set comes with taking apart the snowplow.  You can easily take the plow off of the truck as well as both the salt spreader and the back bucket.  The downside is that the back bucket isn't on any sort of hinge - a big missed opportunity in my book.  It would have been nice to have some sort of dumping action (complete with a hinge on the bucket) in order to dump snow...

Overall, I give LEGO 60083:  Snowplow Truck the following rating:

The Bottom Line:
Fun:  7
Play value:  7
Kid value:  7
Adult value:  7
Overall:  7

That's right, sevens across the board.

There are a lot of things to like about the set (the color scheme, the "working" salt spreader, the large tires) but there are a lot of missed opportunities too (no warm headgear for the driver, no hinge for the bucket, too many stickers for such a small set).  In the end, I'm happy to have this set in my collection...and I definitely hope LEGO continues to do a few snow related sets here and there, but I think with a bit more thought this could have been an excellent set.  Instead, it's simply a good set without any real wow factors.

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  1. I saw this on the store shelf. It immediately caught my eye with its orange plow...have to say, for a town set it's quite handsome. I may just grab this at some point. Thanks for the review.