Monday, March 30, 2015

LEGO 60072: Demolition Starter Set - REVIEW

I'm still hoping to eventually create my own LEGO City layout just for fun.  As such, I occasionally find myself in the LEGO aisle at my local Wal*Mart (or my not-so-local Target) looking for sets that might make for a fun addition to a layout that I haven't even started.

Enter today's set:  LEGO 60072:  Demolition Starter Set.

I know that a lot of people seem to think rather little of starter sets, but I have to say that this particular starter set caught my eye immediately.  For under $10, you get a small construction vehicle, FOUR different minifigures, plus a couple of construction cones...and a toilet.

Yes, you get a toilet to demolish...  How do you beat that for a fun time?  In fact, LEGO seems to have decided that potty humor was the thing this year as this isn't the only demolition set to prominently feature a toilet (the other being LEGO City Demolition Service Truck - a set that I also purchased but have not yet built (as of the time of this review anyhow).

I like the back of the box as well as it shows a (sort of) alternate build...or at least it show some demolition in progress.

Turning our attention back to the Demolition Starter set, let's begin by taking a look at the real star of the set - the four minifigures.

You get four figures which are all different - an awesome move by LEGO.  From left to right, you get a guy with red tinted safety goggles and a jackhammer, a construction lady with a giant hammer, a driver for the vehicle, and presumably the pit boss with a megaphone.

Looking at the figures from the back you can see that they all have some back printing (none of the figures have alternate faces however).  It should be noted that the hearing protectors on the jackhammer guy's helmet are built in - they are not removable like some of the sets had in previous years.  Also, the female construction worker's hair is attached to her helmet piece as well.  It is nice that LEGO included a female worker - a better gender balance is always appreciate for those who wish to create their own city layouts (like me)!

The set itself only contains 85 pieces but you get two small builds in addition to the four figures.  The first build is the construction vehicle.

The vehicle is a small digger of sorts, though the front scoop has extremely limited movement (mostly a couple of "clicks" up or down).

I do like the look of the vehicle - for such a limited part count I would say this is a successful build.

The other build in the set is the toilet portion which is supposed to be what the crew is demolishing.  I can't quite comprehend why it takes four people, plus a vehicle, to take down a single toilet and a short wall but whatever.

Once again, LEGO nailed the build while keeping things super simple.  It's instantly recognizable as a toilet - and a leaking one at that!  I don't know that a hammer is the best way to fix it though...

The last bit to build is a pair of super, super simple traffic cones - but anything that adds to the play value is a welcome addition in my mind.

Overall, I would say this an extremely successful small set.  The cost is low and the minifigure count is high (much higher, in fact, than some of the larger demolition sets)!  I love the fact that you get four different figures plus the vehicle, traffic cones,and the toilet mini build.

The Bottom Line:
Fun:  10
Play Value:  10
Kid Value:  10
Adult Value:  6
Overall:  9

For kids, this set is pretty much perfect.  I could see a lot of play potential including different builds with the extra pieces just to then destroy 'em with the giant hammer!  For adults, getting four minifigures is nice (of course) but the construction truck doesn't offer a lot of alternate build options.

Although that competes the review of the set, when I was building the set I happened to notice the following picture at the end of the instruction manual.

I was ecstatic to see the scene - as a kid I LOVED staring at photos like this with all the different LEGO sets "in action."  I recall spending many happy hours looking through my LEGO magazines and enjoying the different scenes.  In this particular scene, there's actually a lot of stuff hidden including a cop and robber chase, a cat on a roof, and some kids hiding in the woods!  It's enough to make the adult collector in me want all the I can only imagine what a kid would think looking at this!

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