Monday, March 2, 2015

My Valentine's Day Gift from my Wife (LEGO Edition!)

My wife is the best.  Not only does she put up with my multiple hobbies (LEGO, baseball cards, woodworking, etc.), she oftentimes actively encourages them!

Case in point:  Valentine's Day 2015.

As a guy, Valentine's Day doesn't usually excite me all that much - too much chocolate, flowers, and mushy movies for my tastes.  However, if I continue to have Valentine's Days like this year's, I may rethink my stance on the holiday.

You see, my wife gave me seven unopened packages of LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 13 packs!  As of Valentine's Day, I only had four different figures from the set (Evil Wizard, Construction worker, Goblin, and Space Marine guy).  So, how did I make out from my gift?

Quite well I would say!

Out of the seven packages, I ended up with four new figures (Alien Trooper, Samurai, Paleontologist, and the hard-to-find, incredibly popular Hot Dog Man)!
The new additions to my collection!

I ended up with two Paleontologists (which is ok since the new Jurassic Park sets are coming out soon)!  I also ended up with an extra Goblin (available for trade) and an extra Carpenter (which I think I'll keep for my city layout)!

My collection for Series 13 now stands at 8 of the 16 possible figures.

You can find my full want list (including all the previous series figures that I still need as well)!  All things considered, this was a great Valentine's Day present!  And, of course, just another reason why I love my wife!

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  1. I've got an extra sheriff if you want to trade that extra paleontologist. I also need to look at you trade/want list for the 2015 Topps.