Thursday, April 30, 2015

PREVIEW: LEGO Ferris Wheel - #10247

Yesterday, I saw an article with the first clear images (and video) for the upcoming LEGO Ferris Wheel set #10247.

 That's an awesome looking set!

Although I am sad that the price tag is $200 US, I think it's probably worth it since the set is almost 2 feet tall and you get 10 minifigures (2,464 pieces in total)!!  Heck, even my wife said "that's pretty cool looking" when I showed her - that's the best compliment I can give a set since she's decidedly non-LEGO in terms of her interests!

I like the fact that the Ferris Wheel turns via a crank (movement is always fun) and from the video you can see that it is also easy to add in an optional motor if you prefer.  I also think it was a good idea for the set to not fold up onto trucks like the Fairground Mixer from last year (a set that I have - and like a lot) since it would require a lot of trucks (and thus, "wasted pieces" or else an even higher price tag).

The sunburst color scheme in the middle of the Ferris Wheel is the most striking part of the design to me - along with the colored gondolas (though why aren't any of the gondolas red I wonder)?!  If I had to guess, I would say that this set will be a quick seller despite the high price...and once it's gone good luck getting one for anything close to a reasonable price point!

That's my thoughts on it - but what about you?  Is this a day 1 purchase for you?  Would you have preferred something more along the lines of last year's Mixer which folds up on a truck instead?  Does the Ferris Wheel and the Fairground Mixer even belong in the same comparison since one is movable and the other is most definitely stationary?  Let me know!

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