Monday, June 8, 2015

Continuing the Minifigure Want List Assault!

I've made some decent progress in terms of knocking LEGO collectible minifigures off of my want list lately.  My latest minifigure haul might be my best in over year's worth of time!  This was another eBay auction - one of those listings with three specific minifigures.  Luckily for me, I happened to need all three - and the price was right.  I think I got all three figures for less than the normal cost of two of 'em.  Even better, the figures are from Series 4 or older!

Let's begin with the oldest of the minifigures:  The Series 1 Spaceman.

This is actually my first Series 1 minifigure!  That means I only have 15 more to go!  Hah.  Seriously though, I have always loved the Space theme so this was an instant winner in my book.  LEGO has created a bunch of Space themed minifigures in the Collectible Minifigure line but this is the original - and now it's all mine!

Continuing chronologically oldest to newest, the second minifigure hails from Series 3:  the Mummy.

The Mummy is my fourth minifigure from Series 3 - I'm obviously doing much better with that series than I am with Series 1!  The Mummy figure is kind of cool - lots of printing on the figure (including on the back and on the arms and legs).  However, the mummy doesn't come with any sort of hair piece or hat which is odd for a Collectible Minifigure.  The scorpion is a nice addition though - and that's actually my first such LEGO scorpion!

Finally, we end with the newest of the three minifigures - and yet this one still goes all the way back to Series 4:  the Artist.

The Artist is my sixth minifigure from Series 4 - and it is definitely a nice looking minifig!  I will admit that this minifigure has lost a bit of its "coolness" factor with the release of the Parisian Restaurant set since that set contains an artist's studio complete with the painter's palette and paintbrush.  No matter though, this is a proper artist that would be at home in the aforementioned artist's studio!

I'll have much more to say about each of the minifigures individually when I feature them in my ongoing Minifigure Museum Collection.

I'd say that was a successful eBay lot purchase for me.  Three minifigures from older series (1, 3, and 4) - all three of which I needed.  I love when that happens!!  If you happen to have any extra minifigures available for trade, you can find my full want list here!

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