Monday, August 31, 2015

A New Line of LEGO for My Collection!

Once in awhile, I fall victim to an impulse buy - and today's latest LEGO set for my collection is definitely one such purchase!

That's right - I bought my first ever LEGO Architecture set.  I actually bought this psuedo-used off of an eBay seller.  The seller said that the box was opened but all the pieces were factory sealed.  You can tell from the above picture that the box has seen better days...but since I prefer to actually open my LEGO sets and build them, I didn't mind getting a busted box if it meant saving a healthy chunk of change on the set itself!

I was a bit apprehensive that everything would be there - but when the box arrived I was pleasantly surprised - not only was everything present (at least I think so) but the manual itself was in pretty good shape.

Speaking of the manual, did you know that the Trevi Fountain manual is super thick?!  Seriously, look at this:

That's a massive manual.  And it's really nice too - there's the usual step-by-step instructions but there are also a bunch of high quality photographs of the subject at hand, namely the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy!

I plan to build this set in the very near future - and when I do I'll be sure to have my actual review.  I simply couldn't wait to take some photos of the box/manual since it just arrived in the mail this week!

And if you are wondering why I made this impulse buy - let's just say I was pining for a return to Italy!  My wife and I visited Italy a few years ago (here's a couple of our photos of Trevi Fountain).

Italy was a wonderful place - albeit crowded!  I would return in a heartbeat if I could...but for now, I'll have to reminisce by building a LEGO replica of one of Italy's most famous cites (now if only there were a LEGO Colosseum to build)!


  1. A Lego Colosseum! Be still my heart...

  2. Is that the fountain in La Dolce Vita?! I saw that movie for a film class I took and never dreamed it would appear in a Lego set.