Saturday, September 26, 2015

Super Mario Maker: Three of My Levels to Try!

Although this is a LEGO themed blog, I also want to use this space to showcase some of my other related hobbies and games.  One such game that is taking up a lot of my free time right now is Super Mario Maker for the WiiU.  Since that is a game that relies on building (Mario levels in this case), it still fits in with my "playing with bricks" theme of the blog!

Anyhow, I have created a bunch of levels - and I thought it'd be fun to showcase a couple of those (complete with the course ID in case you want to try them).

My first course to show off is called Secret Sunny Stroll with course ID 948F-0000-005A-CB1D.

This level is a Super Mario World themed level complete with .  As of 9/26, people had awarded this course a grand total of two stars (boo) with only 1 clear in 58 attempts.  I don't actually think this level is nearly as hard as those totals would suggest however!

When I made the Secret Sunny Stroll level, I wanted to have a course with multiple paths to the finish.  Immediately upon starting the level, you are faced with a choice - do you go up or down.  I'm not a fan of courses where one choice automatically kills you - so in my level you can successfully complete the level going in either direction!

Once you choose a route, you'll be "gated" into that route so that you can't backtrack (so choose wisely)!  Of course, if you die you can always start over and try the alternate route.  Either way, this course will eventually lead you to an airship - and then back to the finish after a tussle with a number of bad guys!  Lots of fun platforming with some minor puzzle elements should make for a pretty fun level.

My second course for today's post is called Secret Caverns with course ID 1401-0000-0022-00C6.

This level is a Super Mario Bros U style underground course.  This has been one of my more popular levels - 21 clears in 199 attempts which is good for a 10.55% clear rate (fairly high).

And finally, a level I called Five Boss Fire Brawl with course ID 8F24-0000-005F-4CCA.

I always enjoyed "boss battle" levels in games when I was a kid - so this level is an homage to that spirit.  There are, as you can guess, five boss battles to complete in this level.  As of the time I wrote this post, this course has been cleared once in 26 attempts (good for a 3.84% clear rate).  I find this course pretty fun to play - you get to battle Bowser (of course) but also some bad guys in clown cards, some Magikoopas, and even a room full of pipes of never ending turtles an spinys (use the turtle shells to your advantage).

The bomb and little tunnel on the right serve as the gate to the next boss battle.  You need to stay alive long enough for the bombs to clear the way for you!  You can also see that this room is boss battle #4 - I like using coins to label things sometimes!

If you try any of my levels, please let me know what you think of them!  And, if you have created some of your own levels - let me know about them in the comments.  Feel free to leave your course ID (and a brief description of your level) and I'll try it out!

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