Saturday, December 26, 2015

LEGO Collectible Minifigures: Series 14 - A Two Pack Christmas Surprise Rip!

Right before Christmas, I received a gift in the mail from Duff, one of my baseball card blog friends.

 Included with the Christmas card was a pair of unopened LEGO Series 14 Collectible Minifigures.

Now, this was an exciting gift for me because I have yet to open any of the Series 14 figures.  In fact, before I show off which figures I got, let's take a look at the entire checklist for Series 14.

Looking at the checklist, there are a few figures that I'd definitely like to track down including the guy dressed up as a carnivorous plant, the gargoyle, and the two ghostly figures.  I'd also like the trick-or-treater and the big foot figure.

So how did I do with my two packs?  Let's find out!

Pack #1:

Woo!  The first pack that I opened contained the Gargoyle.  In a series full of monsters, the Gargoyle is one of the few figures that could potentially find itself used in a custom City set-up (perhaps as a decoration on some gothic-themed building).  I particularly like the wing piece on this figure, very cool!  I actually wouldn't mind getting at least one more Gargoyle figure...because if I ever were to build a custom building there's a very good chance I'll want at least a pair of Gargoyles to flank the entrance!

Pack #2:

Sweet!  The second pack contained Big Square Foot.  LEGO had fun with this figure naming him Square Foot and giving him a camera to capture his movements (or is the Square Foot finally about to capture rare footage of the yellow minifigure)?!  Either way, it's a fun addition and he'll pair nicely with my Yeti figure from a previous minifigure series.

I'm really pumped that both packs provided me with a figure that I really wanted.  Heck, since I didn't have any figures I'd have been happy with any of them...but to get two of the six most wanted figures from the set?  That's pretty darn cool - and a great Christmas present!

Thanks Duff!!

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  1. We bought a handful of these a while back. The ones we got have mostly filtered into the black hole that is my kids' collection. My personal favorites are Fly Monster, Crazy Scientist, Spider Lady, Tiger Woman, and Plant Monster. This series is pretty strong as a whole.