Monday, January 25, 2016

My Custom LEGO Hospital (Version 2.0): The Finished Version!

I haven't had a lot of time to work on my custom LEGO city, but I did have a chance to finish off my first custom building - a hospital for my growing city!

From the outside, you can see a driveway for the ambulance, along with a covered walkway and some flower beds.  There's a bench for people to sit at and a trash can for throwing out your garbage before entering the hospital itself.  You may notice that the helicopter is the same as from the actual hospital set (which I reviewed here) and the ambulance is from the City Starter set - I only had time to build a custom building!

Next, a slightly skewed view so that you can see the elevator function (it really does work).  I used the general idea from the LEGO Modular line but it's not quite the same build.  I'm also happy with the way the roof of the walkway looks, the tiered approach seems to fit in with the way a lot of hospitals look!

Finally, here's the view from the top of the building (with the vehicles removed).  You'll notice that I built a raised helipad.  I didn't have a lot of other good ideas to make the top look more used, just a small HVAC unit and some radar dishes but I think it turned out alright.

The entire model can be taken apart just like LEGO's own modular line.  For the first floor, you can see the receptionist along with a waiting area.  There's also a full emergency room, complete with a swinging brick-built door.

Here's another, closer view of the emergency room.  You can probably make out the x-rays on the wall - that's from the doctor minifigure from LEGO's Collectible minifigure line.

Moving on to the second floor, you can see a patient recovery room (complete with two beds and two chairs for visitors).  The current patient must be loved because someone brought him a bouquet of flowers to wish him a speedy recovery!  The rest of the upstairs is used for a fairly large cafeteria.  After all, what hospital doesn't have a place to buy disgusting, overpriced food?!

I had a lot of fun designing my first custom building - it took a MASSIVE bricklink order but I think the end result was worth it.  If you have any feedback, ideas, or other suggestions feel free to let me know (but don't be too mean about it, my feelings are fragile ;)  )!


  1. That helicopter really. It's just a massive piece in the starter set.
    I must commend you for an outstanding renovation of the original set!

    If I may suggest, would be great to have the helipad on a separate base instead of integrating it to the building, overall exterior appearance will be balanced and logical.

    Cheers man, awesome work!