Monday, March 14, 2016

Five More Series 15 Minifigure Packs!

It wasn't all that long ago that my wife surprised me with ten (!) unopened Series 15 minifigure packs.  At the time, those were my first packs from the Series and so she was hoping that I'd find quite a few different figures.  Amazingly, my wife managed to go ten-for-ten in terms of different figures in every pack.

Flash forward to this past weekend.  I found myself in Target and they had a ton of Series 15 minifigure packs.  At that point, I knew I still needed five more figures (since the sixth is in the mail enroute to me via a previous trade).  Surely, I could pick out five packs and complete my set, right?

Haha, no I didn't expect to do that.  I did, however, hope to get a bit closer.  So the question is, out of my five packs - how'd I do?!

In the order that I opened the packs...

Pack 1:

I began with Faun, a figure that I already owned thanks to my wife...and a figure that doesn't really provide me a lot of great options for having a second copy around.  No big deal though, a little trade bait isn't a bad thing.  Plus, there's still four more packs.

Pack 2:

Alright, this one was a bummer too.  The Laser Mech was the other figure in the series that really didn't interest me fact, I gave both Faun and Laser Mech a 1/5 when I did my review of Series 15.  While I guess having two minifigures available for trade isn't the worst thing, it wasn't my intention...  But with another three packs remaining, I was still hoping for at least one new figure.

Pack 3:

Finally, a success!  The Flying Warrior was a figure that I definitely wanted (I rated it a 4.5/5) AND a figure that I still needed for my set.  I'm always happy to inch a bit closer to completion.  Now, could I be greedy and get lucky in the final two packs?

Short answer?  No, not really.

Packs 3 - 5:

That's right, packs 3, 4, AND 5 all held the Flying Warrior.  I don't mind having more than one copy of this figure...but I'd happily trade for other figures that I need instead!

So, in the end I basically went 1-5 in terms of new figures...even if three of the five packs technically held a new figure (heading into the opening of the packs at least).  I'm also getting quite close to finishing off Series'd be nice to actually complete a series, something I haven't successfully done since way back in Series 8 (though a number of the series in between 8 and 15 are close to complete).

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