Monday, May 30, 2016

Another Week, Another SwapFig Success!

If you follow my baseball card blog, you'll know that I am no stranger to completing trades.  Unfortunately for me, my LEGO blog doesn't have nearly the same reach into the LEGO collecting world as my baseball card blog does in the cardboard collecting world.  As such, LEGO-related trades are pretty rare for me to pull off.

Enter Swapfig.  A website designed specifically for the trading of minifigures!  I completed my first Swapfig trade about a week ago (in my first trade, I gave up a Peter Pan from the Disney line in exchange for a Frightening Knight from Series 15), today I'm back with my second completed trade.

This time around, I traded away a Faun minifigure from Series 15 and landed the Skeleton Guy from Series 14.

Back when Series 14 was released, I have to admit that I wasn't much interested in the series.  In fact, the entire series is basically Halloween themed, and I'm not nearly as much of a fan of Halloween as most people (or so it would seem).  I also don't have much use for costumed minifigures in my City layout, so at that point in time I decided I would simply skip the entire series.

However, now that I've discovered Swapfig, I figured I might as well go for the Series 14 set (along with all the other sets except the Simpsons).  And, I have to admit, now that I have the Skeleton Guy in my hands, it's actually a quite nice minifigure!

I love the fact that the arm and leg printing on the side makes it look the minifigure is trying to dress up like a LEGO skeleton, notice the "clips" at the shoulders and legs, just like a "real" LEGO Skeleton would have!  I'm also a huge fan of the trick-or-treating pumpkin bucket, pretty sweet accessory.

All told, I've been happy with the Swapfig website through two completed trades.  I've managed to dump off two unwanted minifigures and acquire two that I do want.  Here's hoping that I'll be able to continue to refine my collection over the coming weeks!

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